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Active Energy Management (AEM)

The Facilities Management department has Institute-wide responsibility for minimizing energy uses and for implementing and maintaining an energy management program. The program seeks to achieve both energy savings and provide optimum energy requirements to support Caltech's mission.

The energy management program at Caltech is a comprehensive program that considers all avenues for achieving energy savings, from replacing obsolete equipment, to the design and construction of energy conservation measures, the implementation of energy saving operation and maintenance procedures, the utilzation of a campus-wide building energy management system, and a commitment to educating faculty, staff and students to decrease energy consumption.

Caltech and the Department was honored by winning the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) 2004 Energy Star Combined Heat and Power Award. The award was presented in Washington DC by James Connaughton, Chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. This prestigious award is one of several awards for Caltech's Energy and Conservation Program.